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Picking your own apples can be a deeply rewarding and fun experience.  Here are some picking tips to help you navigate and enjoy a trip to our working farm....



When is the apple picking season?

Usually the harvest season lasts from mid September through late October.  The orchard is usually open daily through the picking season.  We have had only one exception to that rule in over 100 years....during  apple season 2012 our crop was so low that we could only open up on the weekends.  But we strive to be open every day.

Can we still pick in the rain?

The answer is yes.  We have an orchard we use for rainy days.  Your safety is our biggest concern and when it rains the grass can get slippery.  Our “Schoolhouse” orchard next to the barnyard is used as our rainy day orchard.  Easy to walk into and pick.  Later in the season we might have to use other flat parts of the orchard for different varieties.  If we are experiencing a thunderstorm…….we will close the orchard.  Please call the farm for orchard updates if we are expecting bad weather.

Are ladders available in the orchard?  We can no longer provide ladders for public use in the orchard.  We do provide picking poles (deposite required) for getting those apples up high.  Please do not climb the dwarf trees.

Can I bring my own bag? We provide half bushel bags and peck bags since the picking fee is based on volume of apples picked.

Can I bring my dog?  We can no longer allow our furry four legged friends in the orchard due to agricultural harvesting laws.  You may keep them in the car while you pick and we do have a dog walking area outside of the orchard.

I only want to pick one apple... Due to insurance liability, minimum purchase in the orchard is one peck.

We have someone in our group who is in a wheelchair.  Are there trees accessible to them?  Yes!  Just ask when you are checking in to the orchard and our staff can direct you to the easiest spots to pick

Is there an ATM in the orchard?  There is no ATM on the farm.  You may pay by cash or credit card for upick.  We do not accept checks.

What will be available to pick in late October?  As this is the tail end of the harvest season, it is hard to predict which varieties will still be on the trees.  We do have a few late season varieties.  It is unusual that the orchard is picked out at this time.  There are also sections of the orchard that people miss, so it can be a treasure hunt, with the treasure being a hidden tree.

Other orchard facts....  there are no restroom facilities in the orchard itself.  Restrooms are located in the barnyard.  Please watch where you are walking while in the orchard.  Uneven ground, grass, fallen apples all are present in an apple orchard.

What is the correct way to pick an apple?  The best way to pick apple to prevent bruising of the fruit is to use the palm of your hand and NOT your fingertips.  Cupping the hand, place your palm under the apple and push upward, rolling the apple off the branch.   The trick is to get the apple off without knocking other fruit off the tree.  It is tricky.  Using your fingertips to pull an apple off the branch will result in five tiny fingertip shaped bruises on your fruit. Place the fruit gently in the bag and remember to prop your bags in your car so they do not spill out while driving.  Bruising reduces the storage life of apples.

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