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Here at Hicks Orchard we grow over two dozen varieties of apples. They range from eating and baking apples to varieties specific to hard cider production. Below is a list and brief description of the varieties available in the Apple Barn at Hicks or in the orchard as Pick Your Own.

Always handle your apples with care as they can bruise easily and bruising reduces storage life. You can store your apples in the "Crisper" drawer in your refridgerator. The best temperature is about 35 degrees F and with high humidity. Most apples will store very well this way. Avoid freezing them unless you cut, slice and pack them in freezer bags with sugar and lemon.

The longer the apples are in storage, the sweeter they become as the starches convert to sugar. We do not wax our apples or dip them into post-harvest fungicides and we do not wash them before packing, so please wash them at home before eating.

Apple Types

An old fashioned variety available in Mid July as U-Pick or already picked. Green, soft, very tart. Fantastic for pies or crisp or sauce.
Does not store well and must be used within a couple of weeks. This apple is biennial, so fruit may not be available every year.
August Sweet:
An old fashioned late summer apple, green skin, sweet and juicy flesh. A nice taste of autumn before the fall. Softer apple that stores well for two weeks.
Available as already picked late August.

Paula Red:
McIntosh type, deeply red, strawberry flavor. Good for eating or cooking. Soft like a McIntosh, does not store as well.
A good early fall apple available Labor Day weekend already picked.

Ginger Gold:
Greenish yellow late summer apple, available Labor Day weekend as already picked. Slightly spicy flavor. Good for eating or baking.
Another apple that will not store too long.


The one and only! Developed by John McIntosh in Canada by crossing a Femeuse and a Detroit Red. Spritely sweet and tangy, juicy and crisp.
Stores well til Thanksgiving. Will cook down to soft consistency in pies, best for apple sauce and eating out of hand. A big favorite.
Availabe mid September in U-Pick and as already picked.

This beauty was developed in New York in 1898 by crossing a Mac and a Ben Davis. A deep red/black skin with crisp white flesh that won't turn yellow when sliced.
Mildly tart and juicy. Best for salads, also fabulous in sauce, pies and eating. Available mid September as U-Pick or already picked.

A new variety for us! An explosively crisp large apple with reddish/yellow skin. Yellow flesh is sweet and juicy. When observed under a microscope, the cells of
the flesh do not break when the apple is sliced, hence the crisp texture that stays crisp into the next year when stored properly.
An amazing apple! Available already picked only in mid to late September.

This newcomer is a cross between a McIntosh and a Red Delicious, first developed in New York in 1966. It possesses the best qualities of both varieties.
White flesh, crisp crunch, great flavor, red skin. The best storing apple you can get. Excellent for eating, baking, still crisp during winter.
Available late September as U-Pick or already picked.


(Pronounced ma-KOON ) A cross between a McIntosh and a Jersey Black, this apple is a favorite of apple lovers. A great dessert apple, best within a month of harvest.
Good for pies and sauce, More crisp than a Mac. Available late September as U-Pick or already picked.


Grown with organic methods. Introduced in 1978, this apple is most like a Macoun , but with a slight bitterness which makes it a great apple for hard cider production.
Yet it is very good for eating or cooking, performing like a Macoun. Very crisp and stores well into winter. Available Late September as U-Pick or already picked.

A cross between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious, this apple is a favorite in Europe and Japan. Large, red/yellow skin, white flesh, extremely juicey and crisp.
A real dessert apple. Has a custard consistency when baked, a real plus. Best used before winter. Available early October as U-Pick or already picked.

Red Delicious:
A very crisp, juicy apple best for eating out of hand. Stores very well into winter. Available late September as U-Pick or already picked.

(pronounced moot-soo) A real favorite, also called "Crispin" by westerners. A cross between a Golden Delicious and an Indo.
A very large yellow/greenish apple with an orange blush. Very crisp, spicy flavor. Best for eating and sauce.
Available as U-Pick or already picked early October.

An early American commercial variety. Very popular before McIntosh was introduced. Large, red/yellow apple, tough skin, yellow crisp flesh.
Stores very well. Juicy and spicy. Good for a firm eating apple, or for pies. Available as already picked only in early October.

Northern Spy:
the premium "Pie Apple". An old fashioned variety developed in New York around 1800. A large reddish/yellow skinned apple with a very firm yellow flesh.
The slices stay firm when baked in a pie. Spy stores well into springtime. Great for eating if you like a hard apple, slightly tart and juicy.
Available in early October as U-Pick or already picked.

Golden Delicious:

A lovely sweet apple with low acidity. Yellow skin, conical shape, sweet firm juicy flesh. Can be baked in pies or sauce with little to no sugar added.
Very aromatic. Also best for dried apple slices. Available as U-Pick or already picked late October.

Rhode Island Greening:

An early American variety. Green skin and greenish flesh. Very tart and juicy. Very good as an eating apple, but most famous for being best for pies.
Available already picked in early October.

Tolman's Sweet
Old fashioned variety, greenish/yellow skin, crisp and lightly flavoured. Available already picked in late September.

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