Pick Your Own Blueberries Schedule

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Available as U-Pick or Already Picked For You mid July through mid August

Picking Information:
All blueberries are sold by the pound. You may bring your own container to save the cost of using our containers. Just be sure to pre-weigh your container in the Apple Barn before going out to pick. The blueberries in the early part of the season are the smaller sweeter variety and the larger varieties ripen after that. If the berry is ripe it should come off in your hands very easily. Even though our berries are not sprayed, we do recommend washing all fruit before eating.

Freezing Blueberries:

Blueberries can be frozen easily. Just rinse them off when you get home and spread them out on paper towels to dry completely (if they are frozen while wet, they will mush and clump together). After they are dry you can either spread them out on cookie sheets and freeze or just pop them right into freezer bags and freeze that way.

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    Sunday September 24th we are picking HONEYCRISP APPLES, McINTOSH & LIBERTY! Today is going to be a beautiful day come pick your apples then stop at the apple barn for FRESH HOT CIDER DONUTS!

  • Spring is here
    Hello to everyone on this beautiful spring day, just wanted to let everyone know we will be opening Hicks in July for Cherry and Blueberry season. I will be posting pictures weekly of our blossoms so everyone can enjoy the beauty of spring with is! Have a wonderful weekend!!  MORE