U-Pick Apple Schedule

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U-Pick Harvest Calendar
These "dates" are given to you as a "typical" time frame. That being said, in farming there is never a typical season. The weather during the spring blossom and summer growing season can affect the harvest dates. The tail end of the harvest period will have all the fruit ripe but many may have been already picked. For up to the minute harvest conditions, check the home page of our website or call us at 518-642-1788 so that you may plan your trip to the farm accordingly. 

Already Picked
Hicks Orchard Fresh Fruit available  already picked in the Apple Barn. These dates are our best guess estimate. For up to date availability check the home page of this website or call 518-642-1788.


Summer Apples.....Lodi


Fall Apples......McIntosh





                      Red Delicious



                     Northern Spy


                      Golden Delicious








Featured News & Updates

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    Sunday September 24th we are picking HONEYCRISP APPLES, McINTOSH & LIBERTY! Today is going to be a beautiful day come pick your apples then stop at the apple barn for FRESH HOT CIDER DONUTS!

  • Spring is here
    Hello to everyone on this beautiful spring day, just wanted to let everyone know we will be opening Hicks in July for Cherry and Blueberry season. I will be posting pictures weekly of our blossoms so everyone can enjoy the beauty of spring with is! Have a wonderful weekend!!  MORE