The Apple Barn

Cider Donuts
It's easy to view the "donut robots" plopping the donuts into the hot oil and watching the donuts fry up. A "donut roller" (our friendly worker) rolls the hot donuts in cinnamon and sugar and bags them up by the dozen. They're sooo worth the wait! Hot steamy goodness on a clear crisp autumn day!

Cider Mill
Looking into a bin of apples. Some of the first apples picked head to the cider press. Layers upon layers of apple mash, cider cloths and racks all make a "cheese". The whole stack slides under the hyraulic press which squeezes the stack. Fresh cider flows through the cloths to be caught in a pan under the press.

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    Sunday September 24th we are picking HONEYCRISP APPLES, McINTOSH & LIBERTY! Today is going to be a beautiful day come pick your apples then stop at the apple barn for FRESH HOT CIDER DONUTS!

  • Spring is here
    Hello to everyone on this beautiful spring day, just wanted to let everyone know we will be opening Hicks in July for Cherry and Blueberry season. I will be posting pictures weekly of our blossoms so everyone can enjoy the beauty of spring with is! Have a wonderful weekend!!  MORE